Read the conversation with the students of the third-placed team of the first Coding Online Challenge, from elementary school "Sjenjak".

During the preparations for this competition, students learned about teamwork, critical thinking and acquired new skills. The experience during the preparation of the idea and its realization has certainly brought the students a lot of useful knowledge that they will use later in their professions. Their knowledge of programming is now at a higher level, as they themselves have pointed out to us several times during interview.
When asked about his future profession, Adnan told us the following: "The profession I will choose is very much about programming and problem-solving and the use of critical thinking, so this experience will help me a lot in the future."
On the same topic, Din has the following plans: "The profession I want to choose is programming, that is, to be a programmer. Critical thinking and problem solving, which I have gained through this experience, will be very useful to me."

Teamwork has taught them possible easier work and action during problems, and seeing it from multiple angles, all with the goal of the best version of the solution they aspire to. In a team environment, inspiration is more present, so they came up with the idea of saving electricity in school facilities, thus helping their environment in a favorable way.

In addition to long-term positive goals, the micro:bit classes themselves are, as the students tell us, much more interesting and useful for them, in a fun way they have the opportunity to learn and achieve much more in terms of projects.

After the conversation, Din and Adnan told all their peers to apply and immediately start preparing for the project, both because of the nice experience and new friends and because of the broadening horizons in the field of science and programming. "You have nothing to be afraid of. We have signed up to learn something new, and achieved much more."

Below you can watch video of Adnan's and Din's idea: