In June 2014, a month after Bosnia and Herzegovina was hit by heavy floods, audience in Sarajevo had the opportunity to see Globe’s theatre Hamlet, directed by Dominic Dromgoole, and stopping in Sarajevo on a global tour to every country in the world to mark the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth. All ticket proceeds were directed for social action projects aimed at helping communities hit by floods to recover from the disaster. 

On the Bosnian and Herzegovinian leg of the world tour the play was hosted by the British Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina, International Theatre Festival MESS and Sarajevo National Theatre, who organized two magnificent performances.

Seven social action projects were awarded grants, and are currently being implemented in Žepče, Gračanica, Lukavac, Maglaj, Prijedor and Bijeljina – areas that are still struggling with the consequences of heavy flooding from May 2014.

“We dance!” – Youth Association Eureka

Theatre play “Cabares Cabarei”, performed by famous Bosnian actor Zijah Sokolovic, and creative workshops (dance, sport etc.) aim at helping children of 5-10 years old to heal the trauma caused by the floods in Maglaj and Žepče. 

“Information sharing: How to react to and prevent floods?” – ANEA Youth of Gračanica

Informing and educating population in the area of Gračanica through workshops with professionals will reduce the general state of panic that might be caused by floods or similar natural disasters.

“Day Centre” – Nova Romska Nada Lukavac

Reconstruction of Day Centre which is to be used for educational purposes of Roma population in Lukavac.

“Humanitarian Eco Fortuna” – Youth Association: Čisto Srce Prijedor

Workshops for the youth of Prijedor: restoring and furniture making skills by using recycling material. 

“72 hours of help for Maglaj and Vidovice” – Nadbiskupijski centar za pastoral mladih Ivan Pavao II

Collecting and recycling PET and other material & restoring graveyards completely destroyed by floods in Maglaj and Vidovice.

“With Full Heart for Žepče”, Info-Educa Žepče

With this project we will access to people who have been isolated for 2 months from the rest of the municipality, it will speed up the process of restoration of houses and will provide drinking water for the people.

“Juniors for Seniors”, Association of Gerontologists Bijeljina

Helping senior citizens to recover from flooding in Bijeljina through workshops and social gatherings.

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