Like is not enough

In cooperation with the British Embassy Sarajevo and Buka we are encouraging NGO leaders, local activists, young political leaders and media to enhance their skills and networks, in order to exercise their right to engage effectively in creating a positive social change.

The programme includes training run by experts from British Council and Buka, which will enhance participants’ lobbying, advocacy, networking and social media skills. The participants are individuals who are already working as local activists and NGO leaders, and young politicians with strong media ties. We are there to help them on their way to social change. 

6 advocacy initiatives were implemented as a part of Like is not Enough programme. The initiatives were fully designed and realised by the project participants – activists within their communities:

1. Association ANEA: “The Other Side of the Ticket” (Gračanica area)
The initiative aimed at raising awareness of the dangers and threats of widespread trend of betting among young people in Gračanica. The activities within the initiative included informing parents about symptoms and consequences of betting as well as helping local community officials to understand and recognize the current situation and include continuous programmes within schools dedicated to prevention of betting.

2. Association “Nova Romska Nada”: “Creating Better Opportunities for Roma Population by Lobbying Government” (Lukavac)
This extraordinary initiative resulted in creation of budget in Municipality Lukavac for 2014 for implementation of national action plans of Roma population.

3. Čisto srce: “Youth Center” (Prijedor)
This advocacy initiative aimed at creating Youth Centre in Prijedor. Prijedor is a town with a lot of youth and youth organisations. Majority of them did not have the work space and were therefore inactive.

4. Association: Romska djevojka – Romani Ćej: Radio show “Mala Evropa”/”Little Europe” (Prnjavor)
The programme aimed at starting radio show “Mala Evropa” (“Little Europe”) in languages of national minorities. With joint efforts of minority representatives, media and municipality officials it is possible to initiate a quality programme that will change the view of the public related to minorities.

5. Youth Association “Reaktiviraj”: “Student Pains” (Zenica)
With this initiative the activists managed to abolish the taxes for validation and issuing of documents in the Municipality.

6. Association for sustainable development “Uzor”: “Formation of Center for Informal Education” (Žepče)
The initiative resulted in creation of youth centre in Municipality Žepče with its multi-purpose such as: organisation of creative workshops, workshops for youth, public debates etc.


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