Read the conversation with both students from first-placed team of the first Online Coding Challenge, from "Mehmed - beg Kapetanović Ljubušak" - Srnice Donje.

Pitanje: What new skills have you acquired since working with micro:bit?
Dino: First of all, I learned to work better in a team, to negotiate and cooperate with my friends, and after that I learned how to use micro:bit in situations where I thought it was impossible to use it.
Kenan: I think I have developed a lot of logical thinking and quick reasoning that is necessary for my future and for working with electronics.

Pitanje: What are the benefits of teamwork? How was teamwork useful during the creation of the project?
Dino: The advantages of teamwork are following, it is easier to solve any problem when more people are working on it and also to get better ideas. Teamwork was very useful during the implementation of our project because we solved problems together, which were in our way, during the work on idea and creation of our project.
Kenan: The advantages of teamwork in my opinion are looking at the problem from several angles, so the problem is solved much faster. During the creation of our specific project, teamwork was the key to everything.

Pitanje: What was the inspiration to choose this topic for the project?
Dino: The idea for our project came quite spontaneously, we sat in the classroom and thought about what is currently an important topic and also a problem, not only locally but also globally, so we decided to go in the direction of renewable energy sources.
Kenan: The inspiration came from standard problems, the daily power outage due to the inability to cover the entire electrical network.

Pitanje: Are classes more interesting when you use micro:bits?
Dino: The classes in which the teacher and students use micro:bit devices are much more interesting than the standard classes we are used to in our schooling. We are witnessing increasing technological progress in society, so it is important that teaching develops in that direction.
Kenan: When we would look at it from the perspective of students, working with things that are new and unknown is special, so my answer is: YES, the classes are more interesting!

Pitanje: What will be your profession? Will critical thinking and problem solving be useful to you in that job?
Dino: At the moment, I am not sure which profession I will choose, but I am sure that critical thinking and problem solving will be useful to me and that with such thinking I will come up with better ideas and solutions.
Kenan: In the future, I would like to finish something like MIT so that I can do jobs that will serve humanity on a daily basis. I think that critical thinking is an indispensable factor in such jobs.

Pitanje: What would you say to your peers who are considering to apply for the next competition?
Dino: I would definitely recommend students and teachers to apply and participate in the competition because they will gain new experiences, meet new friends, and at the same time do something that is rarely done in our schools.
Kenan: I can only say: "Good luck team do your best and you will see results".

Below you can find video about Dino and Kenan's idea. Watch it now: