Secondary School Short Film Festival offers the opportunity to young people to learn new skills and show their creativity though film, and to use the film topic to explore history in their communities, and raise awareness of developments in the last 100 years. As part of Connecting Classrooms project, this festival also aims to connect and build relationships between youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Call for film ideas on “Last 100 years” was open to high-school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Selected 15 students will develop their ideas with expert mentoring, and will come together on 25 April 2015 in Sarajevo at the Festival to show their films at Meeting Point cinema, where best will be awarded valuable prises.

Besides screening of films, participants and audience will have the opportunity to participate in post screening Q&A discussions, while the Secondary School of Applied Arts Sarajevo will prepare a workshop for festival participants.

After the Festival screening, films will be delivered to high schools in Bosnia Herzegovina, along with guides for teachers on use of films, and film production, in educational environment.

Festival is organised by the British Council in partnership with Secondary School of Applied Arts Sarajevo and with Sarajevo Film Festival, with support from Microsoft and UniCredit Bank. 


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