Thursday 15 May 2014 - 00:00
Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo

Success stories of young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond show us the world has an innovative and quality future ahead of it. We will have an opportunity to learn more about their stories, position, and plans at a social event, which will take place on Thursday, 15th May, at 18:45, at the Academy of Fine Arts.

The event is part of the 25th Annual European Foundation Conference – RETHINKING EUROPE: Solidarity, Civil Society and Political Governance. The Conference gathers some of the most prominent European and leading international organisations, associations, and foundations, aiming to introduce its participants to some of the key conference topics, such as: solidarity, unemployment, accepting differences, transitional justice, conflict resolution, reconciliation, civil society and the role of foundations in Europe's future.

These brilliant young minds are active in all of these areas, they act and operate, and will be given an opportunity to tell us more about their daily impact in the world. This youth social event will be organised by the British Council.