EU Code Week

What is code week?

The EU Code Week   is a movement that advocates creativity, problem solving and cooperation through programming and other technological activities. They are trying to make programming more visible and to to demystify this skill. Organization is supported by the European Commission and aims to reach 50% of schools in Europe by 2020.

Why should you join?

Participating in EU Code Week makes your school’s coding work more visible to others, and helps in creating networking opportunities for schools. Together with all the other schools in your country, you are competing against other European countries for the title of best in the year 2019. You will have a chance to win the Certificate of Excellence if 500 students have participated in your event and/or you  have 10 activities linked and/or 3 countries involved in your activities. 

Why are we perfect partners?

Our partnership enables teachers and students, in schools throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and Western Balkans, to gain practical programming skills, but also to present their activities and their country on the EU Code Week platform in the best light possible. We are very pleased that all of the work we do will be much more accessible to the general public. Also, we are looking forward to many more registered projects at the EU Code Week which will surely contribute to making your country much better positioned on ranking list on the site.