Spend your summer with the British Council – professional development opportunities with special rates for online courses

We are offering online teacher training courses at discounted rates until 20 August 2016 for teachers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You can sign up for the following courses using this promotional code : GL-SASUMMER-002

Here you can find more information about our summer offer.

Communicative Assessment : self-access course 

This is a short 20-hour online self-study course for busy teachers and examiners of English who are interested in exploring new approaches to assessment and testing.

Current price - 60GBP 

Discounted price -40 GBP

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Learning Technologies for Business English teachers

This self-access course has been designed to give both experienced and new business English teachers an introduction to the types of tools that can enhance their teaching and help them deliver engaging lessons with sound pedagogical outcomes.

All 10 units of the course currently 90 GBP

Discounted price-  50 GBP  

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Learning Technologies for the Classroom

This self-access course introduces teachers of English to the main aspects of using new technologies in the language classroom. The course modules cover a range of web technologies, with topics including using the internet, cyber well-being for learners, using Office applications, using online video and audio, and using social networking and other web technologies for educational purposes.

LTECH course self-access- current price for all 30 units 270 GBP – 140  GBP discounted price, (or you can sign up for individual modules for 10 GBP per module).

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Special Educational Needs

This self-access course is aimed at teachers of English as a subject or teachers teaching through the medium of English working in mainstream learning contexts. It is suitable for both primary and secondary teachers and not just for SEN (Special Educational Needs) specialists.

SEN self-access  current price 100 GBP for all units – discounted price 60 GBP discounted price.

Or you can sign up for individual modules at 12 GBP per module.

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In-service teacher development workshops 

Each workshop provides input on main concepts as well as practical guidance on teaching techniques and methodology. The topics are: 

  • Process writing (3 online workshops)
  • Grammar (3 online workshops)
  • Learning Styles (2 online workshops)
  • Becoming a reflective practitioner (2 online workshops)

Price for each workshop  - 6 GBP 

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Happy summer with the British Council!