Why should your child learn about the world of information technology at an early age?

The IT industry is definitely one of the fastest growing industries not only in the world but also in the countries of the Western Balkans. An example of this is the large number of domestic companies that are constantly looking for new staff and developing software for the best companies around the world.

Today we can hardly imagine without the various technological aids we use every day. By applying and using various technologies, many things are made easier, simplified, more accessible. If we look around, whether at home or at work, simply, technology is all around us (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, television, remote control of household appliances, etc.), sometimes you are simply not even aware of how much application technology actually has. it all develops continuously, new things come, the improvement of existing ones.

The best example of this is the “pre-pandemic” era, where for a large number of companies, working from home was either a taboo topic or was considered absolutely inapplicable. Today, in less than a year, those things have changed drastically. Not that working from home has proven to be applicable, but even more productive. It is not unusual that the model of working from home will continue even after the pandemic, it simply becomes one of the benefits of the workplace.

Because of all this, I think that the British Council's "21st Century Schools" program is extremely important and which shows how much potential the technology actually has and that it is extremely important to provide children with access to the widest possible knowledge in the field of information technology.

One of the benefits for children who acquire knowledge of information technology is, among other things, that it helps them solve problems and develop a critical way of thinking. Concrete programming should show children how to look at the bigger picture in solving problems, how to set themselves according to the task that is according to them, and possibly try to break it down into smaller tasks that they will solve in order to solve the whole "puzzle".

The development of children in the direction of information technology is something that the business will have doubts that will ensure that tomorrow they will be competent in the labor market around the world and that they have a secure future by doing one of the most sought-after jobs.