PlayUK 2020 is series of live digital events and everyone is invited to learn all about the UK scene and connect with professionals from the game industry. Over the course of the next five months, we will be organising monthly live sessions, and anyone with an interest in the game industry and creative economy can tune in.

The Value in Indie Art Direction

In this session Lu Nascimento will be walking us through the process of creating art direction for your indie games while finishing up a pixelart piece. Regardless of team size, there's value in concept art and creating an art direction document. You'll learn how best to use the art you produce and how to relay information to your team regardless of time zones.


Lu is the Co-founder and Art Director of Bunnyhug Games. She's worked on various projects in multiple capacities throughout her career, like Wargroove, Timespinner and Assemble with Care. Having received the Creative Impact award in 2019 by MCV's WIG, she pushes herself to bring the best out of pixelart and illustration in games.