Join us in a professional talk with Callum Underwood and learn more about role of scouting and business development in game industry.

Callum Underwood - Director, Robot Teddy / Consultant for Oculus, SUPERHOT, Raw Fury, and others

Callum, founder of Robot Teddy, cares deeply about developer success, and focuses on scouting and business development. He is on the board of BAFTA Games, and received a 30 under 30 award for his work within the games industry. He has a long history of supporting indie developers at companies such as Oculus and Intel, and spends the majority of his time now running his consultancy, working with clients such as SUPERHOT, Raw Fury, and Oculus. Callum represents multiple sources of funding for developers, and has a unique insight on the process.

Listen more about a Callum’s role and his insights on the process of business development in game industry.