Join us in Professional Talk with Jon McKellan, creative director of NO CODE, together with Marija Ilić to find out about unique experience in Observation and AI system, journey of game creation and all about Jon.

Biography about Jon McKellan – creative director and writer

With over a decade of experience in the industry, working on genre-defining games such as Alien: Isolation and Red Dead Redemption 2, Jon formed his own studio No Code with business partner Omar in 2015. Since then, Jon has been the studios creative director, writer, and artist on their two critically acclaimed and BAFTA-winning games Stories Untold (2017) and Observation (2019). Having started out in User Interface design and Motion Graphics, Jon's stories and vision merges his old role with his new, building exciting and surreal narrative experiences that center around UI driven technology.

"Building The Unique Narrative of Observation" masterclass is a dive into how the team built one of 2019's most critically acclaimed games "Observation" with it's director, looking into how the story, environment, art, and even user interface all helped to build a unique narrative adventure that is played from a very different perspective from the usual: playing as a space station AI, rather than the crew. This session was useful for anyone interested in story development, art, user interface, and game direction.

More about Observation - game awarded as the smartest one in 2019 in our video below: