The Arts of Fourth Industrial Revolution


Biljana Srbljanović

Writer / University professor

Biljana Srbljanović is a writer and professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She has written dozens of drama texts that have been featured in over 160 theatres in the world and translated into more than 20 languages. Biljana is visiting professor at universities in Vienna, Milan and New York. She is the owner of the French Orden Knight of Art and Literature. In public, she is recognized by her social engagement, and as an activist for human rights and animal rights.

Jordan Erica Webber

Game critic / Gaming expert

Jordan Erica Webber is a freelance journalist specialising in games. She has written about video games since 2012, and nowadays most of her work can be found on the Guardian. In addition to this, she is the co-author of Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us (about life, philosophy and everything). Jordan is also the resident gaming expert on The Gadget Show (Channel 5).

Kenan Zekić

Designer / Head of Arts Department at IUS

Kenan Zekić is a multidisciplinary oriented designer, particularly interested in Social Impact Design. He created the concept, design and several prototypes of the "Mine Avoiders" game for children that deals with the problem of landmines, as well as the first bosnian national currency coins (5,10,20 and 50 fening). Kenan Zekić works as an associate professor at the Visual Arts and Communication Design Program and Head of the Art Department at the International University in Sarajevo.

Zoja Kukić

Author / Startit co-founder

Zoja Kukić is co-founder of Startit and SEE ICT, a non-profit dedicated to strengthening the domestic technology and startup scene. Through its 7 centers across Serbia and 2 online platforms, the organization reaches more than 70,000 people each month and educates and connects them in the fields such as technology, design, entrepreneurship. In Belgrade, they opened the VR Laboratory, in order to stimulate and inspire domestic IT professionals and creators to use virtual reality.