This open call is no longer accepting applications. (22 November 2021)

Creative Producers is a professional development opportunity for emerging producers in Wider Europe: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkey and the Western Balkans* (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia). *candidates from Montenegro are not eligible in this round

The programme will develop skills and capacity, build new networks and contribute to co-production. It is designed to develop the profession of creative production and artistic good practices across the countries involved and the UK.  It will support project inception and project growth, teams and creative economies to deliver more ambitious and daring creative initiatives. 

We want to support new creative producers to feel empowered, encouraging artistic experimentation and work across artforms.

The course and projects

The workshops lead participants through creating a creative project idea, clearly communicating what it is, practical delivery considerations around where, when and how it will happen and crucially who it is for. Throughout, the aim is to create a sustainable creative sector community rooted locally but connected internationally who understand everything from creative vision and technical challenges through to budgets, logistics and audiences.

The programme will consist of:

  • a two-week online programme to design a creative project idea, clearly communicating what it is, practical delivery considerations around where, when and how it will happen and crucially who it is for,
  • financial support and mentoring to selected project ideas for implementation and dissemination.

Creative Producer

A creative professional who acts as a broker forging collaborations and relationships, connects parts of [a] network together, puts people in touch with resources, identifies advantageous development routes for creative people, and frequently translates between different parts of the ecosystem where professional languages and approaches to work often differ. *Network for Creative Enterprise, Final Report 2019

Applications and eligibility

We invite applications from emerging producers from all areas and disciplines of the cultural and creative industries.

Applicants should: 

  • Generate a project that relates to cultural and creative sectors
  • Generate a unique project that will create a difference in the sector
  • Consider sustainability and dissemination strategy while generating the project
  • Consider engaging with the UK cultural sector
  • Generate their project addressing equality, diversity and inclusion
  • A feasible project idea to be realised between March and June 2022 with existing resources and potential Covid-19 restrictions

Terms and Conditions

The programme will take place online and participants are required to:

  • Be 18 or above years of age 
  • Have 3 to 5 years of experience in creating a new work from scratch 
  • Commit to all stages of the programme (see Key dates below)
  • Have good command of English (level B2 on the CEFR scale) 
  • Participate in evaluation
  • Participate in interviews and/or blogs to share their experience of the programme
  • Credit the programme and partners in any future showing of project idea

Key dates

Deadline for applications: 22 November 2021

Successful candidates notified: 6 December 2021

Online learning programme starts: 24 January 2022 

Online learning programme ends: TBC February 2022

Deadline to submit applications for financial support: 15 February 2022

Implementation of projects and dissemination: March – June 2022 

How to apply

Applicants should complete and submit the online application form link by Monday 22 November 2021, 23:59 CET.

In the application form applicants are asked to submit the following:

  • A brief statement about artistic practice to date and why they are interested to take part in this programme
  • A brief statement about what impact their project idea could have to the Western Balkans and the UK creative scene
  • A brief statement about their project idea and how they would like to implement it 


Applications will be assessed by an evaluation panel formed of representation from the British Council and Curated Place

British Council welcome applicants from the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia) and in total 20 producers from this region will be invited to take part in the programme.

The applications that are fully completed and submitted by the application deadline will be taken into consideration by the evaluation panel. 

The panel will assess applications on the applicant’s eligibility, and the quality of information provided in the application form. In your application it is important to clearly express why you are interested in the Creative Producers programme and what impact your project idea could have to the Western Balkans and the UK creative scenes. 

Due to the volume of applications, we will not be able to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

For any questions regarding the application please contact

About Curated Place

Creative Producers programme will be facilitated by Curated Place.

Curated Place is an arts-led creative production company specialising in international public programmes, large scale public installations, original commissions, artist development, music strategy, event and sustainable production delivery.