Join us in the History Museum of BIH each week of the exhibition and participate in lectures which will be held by local arts and journalistic experts. During the lectures, you will be able to hear more about how visual and audio arts overlap and how they influence our everyday lives. 

Participation in the lectures is free and open for everyone. Join us and follow the discussions on the 77 Million Paintings: Exhibition lectures Facebook event!

Lecture programme:

Kino Siska: Diagonal strategies of production in culture


Matjaz Mancek obtained his law degree in 1999, just a morning after opening for Fugazi with his band in Ljubljana. Actively involved in the music world since 1996 as a musician (various noise rock, free improv and experimental bands and projects), radio activist (Radio Študent music editor and dj; started the Klubski Maraton of Radio Študent in 2001; co-coordinator of CrossRadio network of ex-Yugoslavian independent radio stations from 2001–2007), club DJ, promoter and producer of local and international music events (editor at rx:tx music label 2004/5; established Kataman Music Action in 2005 and run its activities till 2009; Head of Music Programme at Kino Šiška from 2009 on; co-founder and co-manager of MENT).

About people, books and factories


Selvedin Avdić's first book was a collection of short stories called 'Tenants and other Phantoms', a tourist guide to the historic Bosnian town of Jajca and a factual account of Zenica prison. His short stories have also appeared in various anthologies and collections and he has also written a biography of his hometown, Zenica, entitled 'My Factory', which has been adapted into a theatre play.

He works as the editor-in-chief of the online magazine Žurnal. His first novel, 'Seven Terrors', was published in 2010 and was immediately short-listed for one of the most prestigious literary awards in the region. The English edition of 'Seven Terrors' made its way to the shortlist for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Award in 2014 and was long-listed for the Dublin IMPAC Literary Award. Avdić's new novel, 'A Drop of Joy', was published in Bosnian in 2018 with an English edition to follow shortly.

Sound and narrative in the works of contemporary regional artists


Adela Jušić graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Printmaking, University of Sarajevo and holds MA in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe from Sarajevo and Bologna Universities.

She has exhibited in more than a hundred international exhibitions nad has participated in many artists in residence programs as well as numerous panels, workshops and conferences. In 2010 she won Young Visual Artist Award for the best young Bosnian artist, Henkel Young Artist Price CEE in 2011 and Special award of Belgrade October Salon in 2013. She is one of the creators of Online archive of Antifascist struggle of women of BIH and Yugoslavia. 

Micro:bit as a tool for developing critical thinking and creativity


Nedim Krajišnik is a youth activist, international trainer and a fan of education and learning. Currently, he is a coordinator of the innovative teachers network in CEI Step by Step, works on developing new initiatives and promoting values and high-quality education. He's also one of the founders of BiH association of high school pupils and co-author of a number of documents on youth politics. 

Nedim is the author and implementor of many trainings for kids and youth, education professionals and politicians in BiH and worldwide.


Visual memory


Enis Čišić is a graphic novel artist and illustrator born in Sarajevo, where he also graduated at the Academy of fine arts. He has a vast experience in the advertising industry working as a motion graphic animator. 

He is the author of many album cover illustrations for local and overseas musicians, as well as graphic novels and illustrations published in the region and worldwide. Among his many works, the graphic novel adaptation of a short story by Karim Zaimović 'The Secret of Nikola Tesla' holds a special place. 

His professional career started recently when he signed a contract with Marvel Comics where he had the opportunity to draw characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man and Capetan America.

What is beyond the hill? New media trends and the role of audio-visual content in 21st century journalism


Aleksandar is New Media Editor at BHRT. He worked as a journalist at Radio 202, and on several documentaries and related projects for PBS, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Al Jazeera English. He has written and still writes for Balkanist, Massachusetts Review, Mediacentar, Kosovo 2.0 and Analiziraj.

The graphic novel adaptation of a short story by Karim Zaimović, 'The Secret of Nikola Tesla', which he did together with Enis Čišić, was nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Award, while the second short story, 'The Invisible Man from Sarajevo', was included in the selection of the best graphic novels from Eastern Europe by the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA). As one of the organizers of the civic campaign 'I Am The Museum', he won two Europa Nostra awards for preservation of cultural heritage in 2016. 

Artivism: How to change social reality through an artistic protest


Maša is a journalist, activist and feminist from Sarajevo. She graduated journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo. She has been a journalist since 2002 and from 2011 she started reporting and researching the topics of LGBTI and women's rights. She holds a European Regional Masters in Democracy and Human Rights. She is alumni of the UN University Gender Equality and Training (UNU-GEST) programme. 

She has been working with NGOs Sarajevo open centre and Foundation CURE for many years. She researches social movements with a special accent of feminist activism in South-East Europe. She is the editor of the first LGBTI portal in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The role of music in the development of local community


Orhan "Oha" Maslo has been in the music industry for 17 years as a musician, producer and manager. As a percussionist he worked alongside Brian Enno, Horace Andy, Prince Stanley, Duncan Sheik, Anthony Tidd, the Dutch Metropole Orchestra, Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Dubioza Kolektiv, Vasil Hadžimanov Band, Umoya Ensemble and many others.

He produced concerts for the European Comision for the Day of Europe celebration in Mostar. He was also a programme director for Bridge Eternal – NEO Balkans for South-East Europe, which was presented at the 2005 EXPO in Japan.

Currently, he is the executive producer of Mostar Blues & Rock Festival, manager of MC Pavarotti recording studio and Mostar Rock School project manager.