Brian Eno’s recordings and other collaborations are endless, however his visual experiments with light and video covers an even longer span of time and have been exhibited all over the globe – from the Venice Biennale to the Marble Palace in St. Petersburg, from Beijing’s Ritan Park to the Sydney Opera House. His installations are the fertile ground from which so much of his other work has grown and continue to parallel his musical career.

Originally conceived in 2006, 77 Million Paintings is accompanied by a shifting ambient soundscape and displayed in low light conditions, creating an immersive and meditative experience. The title of the exhibition, 77 Million Paintings, presents a possible number of different combinations of audio and video content generated by a computer program that is not repeated at any time, creating a completely unique artistic experience and a unique experience for each visitor.

Once you realise it is changing, but it is very slow, there is a temptation to stick around to see what the next thing is going to be... and the next thing comes very very slowly, gracefully and stays for a while and fades into something else..you start to experience slower texture of time.

Brian Eno

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